17 photos that show how much everyday objects can wear out over time

It's fascinating to see how the things we use every day wear out and become unrecognizable.

After a while everyday objects need to be replaced, however it's often hard to imagine how worn out they are unless we compare them with a new item.

Here are 17 old vs new photos that show the ravages of time.

1. A washing up brush after 8 months' use

© wrcsubers/Reddit

2. They lasted 5 years

© manualk***/Reddit

3. Around 30 years separate these dolls

© poptarmistic/Reddit

4. An old wooden coffee cup vs a new one

© Roushhouse/Reddit

5. One new vs one well-used ceramic brush

© PLAUTOS/Reddit

6. That's a lot of standing in front of the sink!

© bananabeanbonbon/Reddit

7. Climbing ropes!


8. A car key after 100,000 miles compared to a new one

© Individual_Cicada_94/Reddit

9. Guess which forklift truck has been going a very long time

© Peejay22/Reddit

10. One year of baking a lot of cakes

© MurAmCon/Reddit

11. It only took 2 months for this to happen

© Discombobulated_Bus9/Reddit

12. 7 years of shooting hoops

© MatticusPrime127/Reddit

13. Not bad for two years' worth of walking

© catb54/Reddit

14. Time to change their dog's collar

© biggyboggy2506/Reddit

15. Hugged every day for 2 years

© NanaimoBarr/Reddit

16. Keyrings get worn down quickly

© purndou/Reddit

17. Time for a change after 2 years

© maddiebellers/Reddit