17 photos that show what it's like to live with a perfectionist

Perfectionists aren't afraid to impose order on others and these photos show just how far they're prepared to go.

When we're determined to keep our houses in order or if we're obsessed with symmetry, we can get frustrated if even the smallest thing is out of place. From organizing cereal packets on the kitchen counter to displaying our favorite collection, here are 17 photos that provide an insight into life as a perfectionist.

1. Don't even think about crossing the line if you're wearing shoes        

© swim1945 / Pikabu

2. The tidiest homework ever

© Phempteru / Reddit

3. This guy keeps and displays all the glasses he has ever worn

© Bombraker / Reddit

4. Neatly lined up

© Codypowers28 / Reddit

5. Someone who's proud of their toy car collection

© hacibtbp / Reddit

6. When it has to be whiter than white

© WontonKill / Reddit

7. A sand collection... Labeled vials from every beach they've visited

© flaflou / Reddit

8. Because everything has to match

© StephiEliza / Reddit

9. When your hamster has handmade furniture!

© skullcarving / Reddit

10. The perfect snowball

© impvette / Reddit

11. Chosen because it matches their desk?

© dxwoodward / Reddit

12. Do you wish your desk was as tidy at this?

© 4Elove4ek123 / Pikabu

13. Equilateral shadow

© Meranek / Reddit

14. Make your own perfect rainbow

© kjh4087 / Reddit

15. Would a perfectionist be able to eat this?

© slayeromen / Reddit

16. Labels for all the apples they tried, plus their rating

© l19ar / Reddit

17. The Ancient Egyptians would be proud of this

© EtienneFlyte / Reddit