17 photos that show why Japan is such a cool place to live

In Japan, everyday life involves gagetry and a lifestyle that would be hard to find elsewhere, and the following selection is just the tip of the iceberg.

Few of us know what daily life in Japan is like, and what we see on TV or online is just glimpse of this part of the world. Whether it's the delicious food, cool accessories or even the way street animals are treated, the Japanese certainly know how to do things in style!

Here are 17 photos that illustrate life in Japan.

1. Hospital food, restaurant quality

© jenkinsinjapan / Imgur

2. An aquarium restroom

© yuri.kiwi / Instagram

3. Enjoy the view!

© HelloMyNameIsBorat / Reddit

4. Did you know this existed?

© LadyEmry / Reddit

5. This cheesecake...

© jewelkawataki / Reddit

6. Japanese vending machines sell everything!

© belbagai / Reddit, © manlyflower / Reddit

7. Remote working booths

© Melancholic-Ordinary / Reddit

8. Never a shortage of toilet paper

© birdygolfer / Reddit

9. Lockers in a science museum

© ArttuHenrikk / Reddit

10. A machine in a ski resort that dries ski gloves!

© chishiki / Reddit

11. The famous Hachiko statue enjoys some feline company

© Rayven114 / Reddit

12. An integrated thermometer

© imlookingforelliot / Reddit

13. Fallow deer are allowed to roam free on the island of Myajima

© piggysnothere / Reddit

14. On the island of Okunoshima, it's rabbits!

© zyklus / Reddit

© zyklus / Reddit

© zyklus / Reddit

15. And if you like cats, head to the island of Aoshima

© klondikebear / Reddit

16. A camping equipment store

© theroors223 / Reddit

17. Ice cream coated in gold...

© sofyflo / Reddit