17 photos that take people on a trip down memory lane

Over time, our habits and way of life change. But when we come across something from our past, we happily reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Going through the things that were part of our daily lives has its advantages. For sure, looking back at memories makes us smile and warms our hearts. That’s why we put together the 18 photos in this article.

1. Pretending to be a cook was a lot of fun…

2. Roller skates were sometimes used to get around town.

© allegro  

3. Electric shock gum!

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4. The wireless mouse did exist...but it needed a big case to work.

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5. The famous yellow bus that took us to school…

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6. Kids never had enough action figures.

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7. Strangely, everyone liked these keychains.

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8. Every boy wanted this football.

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9. The one who could do yo-yo tricks got everyone’s attention.

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10. The Club wasn’t very elegant, but it worked. Just don’t lose the key.

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11. These pencils were too good to be sharpened…

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12. These CD storage cases were the bomb.

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13. Fast food was something special and unique.

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14. Little girls' hairstyles looked like a rainbow…

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15. Data storage was a lot different back then.

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16. These recorders were very popular, thanks to Kevin McCallister.

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17. McDonald's looked very different.

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