17 stores that offer something special for their customers

There are stores all around the world that give their customers something special. Some of these unique stores can be seen in the photos below.

When customers enter a store, they can appreciate how the products are laid out and having signs indicating how to find their way around the store. Some places take it a step further. Several stores offer a special welcome to their customers, because they have given free rein to creativity.

Here are 17 photos showing the special surprises that some stores have for their customers.

1. This store only sells things in shades of purple.

© The Purple Store / facebook

2. A grocery store with carpet offers a more pleasant experience.

© ashappyaskings / reddit

3. Balloons indicate the location of various products.

© MysteryFro / reddit

4. An escalator for shopping carts

© unknown / reddit

5. This shop in Italy sells pillows in all shapes of pasta.

© blondebumpkin / reddit

6. In Salt Lake City, there’s a mall with a real mountain stream flowing right through it.

© twilling8 / reddit

7. This Parisian boutique sells colorful rolls of toilet paper!

© FalseDmitri / reddit

8. This shop in Berlin sells pillows and blankets that look like cuts of meat and sausages.

© azzalulu / reddit

9. This store sells LEGOs by weight.

© TweeSokken / reddit

10. There is a store in Japan that sells all kinds of KitKat candy bars.

© RegionFree / reddit

11. This shopping center in Moscow features the tallest aquarium in the world, at more than 65 ft. tall!

© kostya8 / reddit, © kostya8 / reddit

12. In the Italian city of Grottaglie, there’s a pottery shop with an underground and very deep cave beneath it, and its entrance is covered with glass.

© Erratic_Professional / reddit

13. This store in Germany has parking for shopping carts.

© unknown / reddit

14. This store in Norway is open unusual hours:

© shorgen / reddit

The store is open

Monday – Friday: 9:43 AM – 5:08 PM

Thursday: 9:43 AM – 6:04 PM

Saturday: 9:56 AM – 4:04 PM

15. An inflatable ventilation system in a store

© threadsoul / reddit

16. A hiking boot “test drive” area in the store

© Onicss / reddit

17. This clothing store has a slide next to the stairs.

© Mikexp3 / reddit