17 ways to recycle plastic bottles

Plastics are ruining our planet. They don't degrade and the environmental impact on sea life and animals could lead to extinctions, which is why more and more companies are coming up with alternatives to plastic packaging.

Sadly a lot of people still use single-use plastics and some don't care where they throw away their trash. On a positive side, others are increasingly finding ways to recycle their plastics in order to reduce the quantity that litters our planet.

1. Turn a bottle into an umbrella holder (or to store other bits and bobs)

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2. Use the top to seal bags

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3. Use an empty ketchup bottle to store your pancake mix

4. Bottles can make excellent funnels

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5. Don't waste money on fancy mists - make your own!

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6. Another storage idea

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7. Fill up a bottle with water and put in a thermometer so you can monitor the temperature of your fridge

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8. A trash bag dispenser

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9. Separate the yolk from the white: place the bottle over the yolk and it will sucked up!

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10. A handy sponge holder

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11. Garden pinwheels

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12. Use a bottle as a mudguard

13. An ice cream holder

14. A DIY watering can!

15. Fill and freeze to make an AC unit

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16. A cell phone holder

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17. Hanging baskets and plant pots!