18 amusing photos that sum up life as a couple

Every couple needs to liven things up once in a while if they're to keep their passion alive... But it doesn't need to be romantic weekends or lavish gifts: humor and poking fun are just as important if don't want our love for each other to fizzle out!

From hilarious pranks to quirky gifts or catching your loved one unawares, variety is the spice of life when it comes to creating and maintaining everlasting love!

So if you feel your relationship needs a bit of pizzazz, then check out the following hilarious selection of photos that couples have shared with the rest of the world...

1. A sign that your boyfriend has just taken a shower

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2. He promised he'd do the laundry!

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3. Someone likes top hats!

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4. When your husband popped out to buy some milk...

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5. What better way to tell your partner how you like your tea!

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6. A subtle hint!

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7. We wonder if they noticed!

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8. Short and to the point

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9. Just so you know that he belongs to someone...

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10. "I won the bet that I could fit into our suitcase!"

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11. What every mother thinks...

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12. "When I have to leave on a business trip..."

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13. When you let your wife hang these above your bed...

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14. Breakfast in bed?

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15. Some husbands are not known for their gift-wrapping skills!

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16. The perils of asking your boyfriend/husband to do the laundry!

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17. When you can't find a photo of your bae

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18. She'll never miss a night without him!

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