18 animals that were caught in the act

According to some, our sense of humor and high intelligence differentiates us from other animal species. That said, recent studies suggest that these animals also have a sense of humor and may be far more intelligent than we realize! Need convincing? We have the proof!

Here are 18 animals that were caught in the act with hilarious consequences (most of the time!).

1. That'll teach them to imprison this bird!

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2. As every cat owner will tell you, cats and yoga don't go well together

© ninjasoundtech/Reddit  

3. Such an innocent face!

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4. When your pal wants you to hurry and finish your meal

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5. Because loungers are meant for dogs too

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6. Just a quick grooming session

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7. Always make everything is securely locked...

8. It was the cat's fault

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9. Maybe this parrot thinks these keys could build a cool nest

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10. Oh boy, this is going to end badly

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11. When your cat forgets to cover up the evidence

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12. Because cats deserve to be the center of your attention

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13. Ah, those pesky seagulls

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14. Why buy a cat basket when kitchen towel will do?

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15. Convincing its owner the plant was already dead

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16. 3...2...1...

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17. The plight of a cat that thinks it's been trapped in the bath

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