18 coincidences that prove life likes to play pranks

Life likes to mess with us, and its favorite way to do that is with coincidences. They’re all around us. Often, we don’t notice them at the time. But when we see them later, like in a picture, we realize what’s really going on around us.

Real coincidences happen all the time. They sometimes make us believe in the impossible, like meeting our twin in public... That’s what happened to the people below.

1. A cat knocked over the fishbowl... but the fish didn’t lose a drop of water!

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2. Lightning happened right when this picture was being taken.

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3. When the colors of your jacket match the background...

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4. When you just start learning archery and make the perfect shot!

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5. When you can’t decide what color to wear – or which car to drive…

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6. These puppies have their own numbering system, so no one will confuse them!

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7. The same cars in each drive-thru line…

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8. This car’s owner definitely has luck on his side!

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9. He tried to get a picture of a lightning bolt for a long time…!

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10. A rare, full-circle rainbow

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11. Beware of UFO abductions!

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12. When you get a gift that matches your outfit perfectly...

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13. Well, the important letters stayed on…

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14. Lucky? Yes, but now we need to get out of here quick!

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15. Are you sure about that?

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16. That ice cream is pretty tempting…

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17. So which is it?

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18. These guys look alike but aren’t even related.

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