18 genius life hacks that won't break the bank

Some people have the answer to everything, even to "problems" that don't really exist!

As the following selections shows, a bit of creativity combined with the will to succeed, mean little day-to-day hassles can be solved once and for all. And it's even better when the solutions don't cost us a dime!

Here are 18 useful life hacks that won't break the bank!

1. Perfect for long-distance journeys

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2. Plus it's lightweight too!

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3. Because he doesn't like water getting in his ears

© Puppypunting / Reddit

4. His daughter insisted he dress as Maui for Halloween

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5. Because their dog keeps escaping through a gap in the fence

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6. Plus it's ergonomic!

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7. When you can't find your laser pen

© othebuh / Reddit

8. Not just for hair!

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9. Fed up of hard-to-cut cold butter? Just grate or slice it!

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10. Why did we never think of this?

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11. Clever!

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12. To prevent a build-up of mold

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13. Turn an unused plastic kids' pool into a comfy dog bed

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14. Heat up the inside of your boots with improvised hot water bottles

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15. Maximising available space

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16. Use up every last drop

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17. Maintain your privacy by lightly burning the labels on prescription med containers that you throw away

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18. Freeze bananas and then use them for smoothies

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