18 heart-warming photos that illustrate people's kindness

In this worrying and constantly changing world, we can often forget that kindness and generosity exist. Just check out the following heart-warming selection!

Acts of kindness are real life lessons whether we are giving or on the receiving end. Family, neighbors or even strangers can transform our life or simply make us smile by their generosity.

Here are 18 photos that show kindness is still very much alive!

1. Her mother gave her a kidney

© sleepyplatipus / Reddit

2. To wish her dad luck before a stressful interview

© hestolemysmile / Reddit

3. A present for their new teacher!

© Inazumaryoku/ Reddit

4. Her mother knits and sells Freddie Mercury dolls and gives all her profits to charity

© jackjgoodall / Reddit

5. His mom took on extra jobs in order to buy him this guitar

© Hiphoppington / Reddt

6. When grandpa and grandson love cars

© d76chemist / Reddit

7. They found and handed in a smartphone - but left a little memento for the owner!

© steufo / Reddit

8. He does this every Halloween!

© Sizzlechest_mcgee / Reddit

9. To prove to his fiancé that he can make cupcakes!

© Smilexiluvu / Reddit

10. When your boss wants to thank you for working extra hours in another department

© Sad_Peace2573 / Reddit

11. His neice gave him this stone - his favorite - and he then turned it into a magic wand for her

© WayneHrPr / Reddit

12. This baby seagull fell from its nest, so they looked after it until it took flight

© CarryOnLying / Reddit

13. A little extra arrived with her order

© honeyvcombs99 / Reddit

14. Home Sweet Home

© Camimae707 / Reddit

15. Received from a customer who appreciated their advice and service

© Kappankimochi / Reddit

16. Their guest gifted them a selection of products sold in their shop

© shadowdip / Reddit

17. When your mom dries and keeps all the flowers you've given her

© ihas3legs / Reddit

18. He sent his grandad a photo and his grandad sent back a painting

© prollyinthewild / Reddit