18 objects from the past that would bewilder today’s kids

Today’s younger generation doesn’t understand older people who are nostalgic for items from their younger days. Here’s a gallery of photos to remind them of the “good ol’ days.”

Older generations always get a kick out of finding objects they remember from earlier in life. As the world has changed, today's youth get to experience a whole new array of modern gadgets.

Here are 18 photos of items from an earlier time.

1. A sugar bowl like you don't see anymore – with tongs built into the lid!

© JammyApricots / Reddit

2. A gadget from the Soviet era – used to look at photos

© ni4kakomar / Pikabu

3. Two different vacuums manufactured by the same company – a century apart!

© trevorw14 / Reddit

4. A mouse that doubles as a phone, and it still works!

© KovBoy1 / Pikabu

5. An old shoe brush

© ni4kakomar / Pikabu

6. An old cookie press

© Deppfan16 / Reddit

7. The first product made by Sony was this rice cooker!

© Cjchunt / Wikimedia Commons, © 30s / Reddit

8. This is a tool that was used to cut pizza 100 years ago…

© jazz_man / Reddit

9. A game for future fashionistas from the 80s

© makeofmewhatyouwill / Reddit

10. This item decorated many offices during the holidays

© albatross_salsa / Reddit

11. An electric frying pan

© offg** / Pikabu

12. Old iPods had games, too.

© summerjuju / Reddit

13. A very old egg poacher

© madcowga / Reddit

14. An old lock you had to master - the keyhole is disguised by the sliding fin. After you turn the key, you need to press the fish’s eye, otherwise the key would turn, but the lock wouldn’t open.

© Chisayna / Pikabu

15. An old food processor

© TheInfiniteNematode / Reddit

16. Here’s an old fire extinguisher…

© DiscreteWheat / Reddit

17. A leather-covered bottle from Italy

© ElDabstroyero / Reddit

18. A nut mill from the 1960s

© -Lasagna_F*****- / Reddit