18 odd coincidences people noticed and shared

Fate sometimes does things very well. Occasionally, we wonder how certain events can happen, or how two objects can be so much alike, when at first, they have nothing to do with each other.

These are coincidences – quite disturbing moments that make you stop and question yourself. Fortunately, the people who experienced these coincidences were quick enough to stop and get photo evidence and share them with all of us.

1. When your shoes match your socks perfectly…

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2. When you see your own face in a painting at an art exhibit!

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3. I found the car to match the bag!

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4. The perfect angle – overlooking a heart!

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5. The moon decided to join the Olympic rings.

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6. There’s an arrow on this horse’s nose.

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7. The cheese completes the look!

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8. It looks like it's the same person!

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9. When the plane's shadow is surrounded by a rainbow...

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10. That wasn’t what they were going for, but look at the results!

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11. A lightning bolt photobombing a fireworks display!

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12. The plate has the same pattern as her shirt…

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13. When Godzilla makes an appearance in the sky!

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14. This cracked screen protector looks like mountains.

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15. Carmen Sandiego is ready for her next adventure…

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16. A cat with whiskers and a moustache...

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17. A curly fry in the shape of a treble clef…

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18. It's as hard as a rock, but it looks like a hard-boiled egg.

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