18 people who found a surprise when they moved into a new home

Before signing a real estate rental or purchase contract, you should always have a good look around the place.

If not, the surprises that await can range from cool to catastrophic! Some people stumble upon real treasures while others find creepy pranks.

Here are 18 photos of surprises that lay in wait when someone moved into their new home.

1. When this real estate agent discovered that the previous owner had passed away and her cat was abandoned, she decided to give the kitty a new home!  

© desertroserobin / reddit

2. He discovered that all the faucets in his new home did this!

© xjrsummersx / reddit

3. The previous tenants left their entire book collection behind

© adobitz / reddit

4. "Thanks for the welcome"

© funkytowne1 / reddit

5. The previous owners had a cat...

© MyrtyGert / reddit

6. This dog just loves patrolling this side passage

© mrleicester / reddit

7. When wells become an interior design feature

© Gberry13 / reddit

8. This was found in the attic and dates back to October 2nd, 1902

© bobfromholland / reddit

9. When a cat leaves you its paw print

© PoisoNinja / reddit

10. The previous occupant left this safe behind without saying what was inside

© crumbl / reddit

11. They left behind this subliminal message

© MyFriendMatt / reddit

12. When you find a previous DIY fix

© ejk9192 / reddit

13. A message from April 25th, 1961

© NutButter1205 / reddit

14. A secret passage!

© demc7 / Imgur

15. This appartment used to be a police station - the cells doors are still intact!

© RubMyRing / reddit

16. The previous owners brought this over from Malta and left it in the garden

© Shahriaropa / twitter

17. Glued, not screwed!

© breakfastcrumbs / reddit

18. A real treasure trove!

© Oldred92 / reddit