18 people who had a day to remember - for all the wrong reasons!

We all have moments of bad luck or days that make us wish we'd stayed in bed - just like the unfortunate people in the following selection...  

There's little we can do other then deal as best we can with life's inevitable glitches and remind ourselves that tomorow is another day.

Here are 18 photos where people have snapped and shared moments they won't forget in a hurry.

1. She asked her stylist to dye her hair the same color as in the photo on the left...

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2. It was years later that they confessed to their son it isn't actually him in this photo

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3. The extractor hood fell onto their brand new cooker

© thorisadog / reddit

4. When you get back to your seat and find this

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5. High pressure cleaners aren't always the best solution

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6. The perils of pockets getting caught on handles

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7. Either it was a useless knife or a rock-solid watermelon

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8. Their math teacher said there would only be one calculation to do for their homework

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9. Not the end of the world, but still really annoying!

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10. At least is was free delivery

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11. Their son opened this upside down...

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12. They had to leave their dog in the car during a ferry trip

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13. A not-so-tempting take-out

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14. When they ordered this door, they didn't measure it and assumed it would be the same size as the others in the house

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15. And he thought he looked so cool...

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16. Never wash pillows in a machine

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17. This happened just as it was ready to serve

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18. It took her hours to make...

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