18 people who had a fantastic stroke of good luck

We all know how wonderful it feels when we get good news or have an unexpected stroke of good luck - proof that we often don't know what life has in store for us.

We never know when our lucky day will come, and these people didn't expect it either! They certainly weren’t disappointed and these 18 photos are a great reminder of the small pleasures to be had in life!

1. When your 40th birthday present arrives along with a signed photo of the great Jean-Paul Belmondo

© Inshader / Pikabu

2. When three fried eggs become seven!

© WD40 / Pikabu

3. When you spot Santa during a Christmas day walk

© lakomka2020 / Pikabu

4. These BFFs started at the same hospital on the same day and both helped with the delivery of a baby!


5. When an oyster gives you a pearl

© matrixzone5 / Imgur

6. University application successful!

© AFOpie / Imgur

7. Just how we like them!

© CNW1155 / Reddit

8. He ordered one, but two got delivered

© hannalyse77 / Reddit

9. A heart-warming message

© shelhunter / Reddit

10. Figurines from the 90s unearthed in a garage they just rented

© Mcflyder / Pikabu

11. When you jog past an enchanted river

© unknown_user / Imgur

12. Perfect size and shape!

© cheesepuuf / Reddit

13. When a little pine tree gets its own decorations

© ed_chrisn / Reddit

14. When you spot the International Space Station in the sky

© Elon_Muskmelon / Reddit

15. They arrived unshelled!

© imyellingloudly / Reddit

16. He found these LEGO pieces in a dumpster!

© iteration142 / Pikabu

17. The cutest of cookies

© ElPolloBlanco21 / Reddit

18. The day she brought her rescue puppy home

© unknown_user / Imgur