18 people who had no common sense when making repairs

How do you go about getting something fixed in your house? Do you call a professional or do you tend to play around and try to find the solution on your own? In some cases, you might be disappointed.

Of course, you have a better chance of getting results that fall short of your expectations when you do it yourself. This is because you just might not be very handy around the house. And you might end up with some pretty bizarre repairs – maybe even a major fail – like the ones below.

1. When you get the front door and window confused…

© acorn222 / Reddit

2. This guy found a solution to get better Wi-Fi.

© ignorez / Pikabu

3. An upside-down front door

© danusha / Pikabu

4. Polyurethane foam is magic!

© Tannhuser / Pikabu

5. No one will be able to see you, I promise…

© hi_fbi / Reddit, © -Firgun- / Reddit

6. To save time when you come home from work, step right into the shower!

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7. There used to be a real window here.

© Docking2Three / Reddit

8. The sink is slightly too far forward, or the faucet is too short...

© lettersanddots / Reddit

9. No one notices the difference, I guess?

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10. It was too complicated to line up all the windows.

© meltingtab / Reddit

11. This guy wondered for 2 months why the heating wasn’t working...

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12. Just to be different, he always uses the middle urinal!

© orangejuice1234 / Reddit

13. Is this a haunted house?

© palegreycells / Reddit

14. The curtain serves no purpose with the mirror there!

© TukTuk-OneLung / Reddit

15. Put the fire alarm right next to the light switch...now that's a great idea!

© Axeoid / Reddit

16. When you didn’t think about the shower when lowering the ceiling!

© notthatmadMax / Reddit

17. Putting a radiator right near at the entrance... who is this heating engineer?

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu

18. A carpeted bathroom?

© spicycheese666 / Reddit

Have you ever repaired something by yourself? What challenges did you have? Please let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin / Pikabu