18 people who snapped and shared a really frustrating experience

We truly sympathize with anyone out there who's having a bad day.

Imagine if you were the person who bit into an apple only to discover it was a decorative one... Not exactly the nicest of surprises is it!

Here are 18 photos of nasty surprises that could happen to anyone.

1. Nope, it's not an apple

© Tomi_Goose / Reddit

2. When you accidentally take a glug of cream

© guitomas / Reddit

3. Packaging fail

© fried29 / Reddit

4. It took him days and then this happened

© sillysalmonella87 / Reddit

5. The downside of grooming your dog

© eyebagsmcgee / Reddit

6. This happens far too often

© gustma01 / Reddit

7. So you open the wrong end

© multifocaall / Reddit

8. She lost the remote and suddenly thought about checking the washing machine

© nwons / Imgur

9. Promises vs reality

© 15104 / Reddit

10. Who hasn't forgotten they had a pizza in the oven

© MamiPauk / Reddit

11. When it doesn't occur to you that there may be plumbing behind a wall

© eudurmopelado / Reddit

12. Always check the label because oil and vinegar can look similar!

© Caminhando / Reddit

13. Their little brother went to see a 3D movie and came home with the glasses thinking they were free

© RedheadHen / Reddit

14. Strange taste of plastic

© Desconhecido / Imgur

15. Time to go back to the store

© hugolcarv / Reddit

16. When you confuse a household cleaner with shower gel

© Croves / Reddit

17. Remember to empty your pockets before you put clothes in the washer!

© igorapmonteiro / Reddit

18. Want to get a tattoo in another language? Then take a translator with you - this lady ended up with "loose vegetables" written on her neck!

© Lariissas / Reddit