18 people who were overjoyed by a stroke of good luck

Life is full of surprises and the following photos prove how good luck can quickly materialise in the most unexpected of places!

The great thing about social networks is that we can share our happy moment with others, so we've put together a selection of 18 photos snapped and shared across the internet.

1. The day he came across a snoozing, incredibly rare white bison

© danielbenjaminphoto / reddit

2. When your job provides a bonus

© uruguayminerals / Instagram, © Uruguay Minerals

3. This PC was delivered with gorgeous, keepable packaging

© kamarsh79 / reddit

4. They almost threw this junk mail in the trash!

© hotdogsafari / reddit

5. Apple wrapped in a Christmas jumper

© rojirah / reddit

6. Complete with a whole cookie

© jmathews777 / reddit

7. While renovating a 19th century house, they discovered this original ceiling rose

© Michellehas2ls / reddit

8. In order to encourage students to buy books, they include an energy drink and meal vouchers with orders

© thecutieivan / reddit

9. This is awesome!

© kimpigreg145 / reddit

10. When they use peanuts for packaging

© ekim065 / reddit

11. Discovered in the basement

© _d_k_g_ / reddit

12. A LEGO bonsai complete with frogs and flowers

© MissGymlow / reddit

13. When it's even better than the photo!

© darkpollopesca / reddit

14. He found this megalodon tooth in a creek

© GCsurfstar / reddit

15. When you buy an antique cabinet and find rare coins embedded in the doors

© tealreddit / reddit

16. Because mice love a cozy welcome

© RichSpice / reddit

17. A squirrel found the perfect winter nest

© SweetAndSourSymphony / reddit

18. Double rainbow and fork lightning

© Jcarterw11 / reddit