18 photos that show the importance of deep cleaning

Major cleaning can bring about some drastic and radical changes, as seen in these photos.

Whether it's an old building or a piece of jewelry, a thorough cleaning reveals a condition that we thought was gone forever. So what we once thought we should throw away is still there under all the layers of dirt.

Here are 18 photos that illustrate how good a deep cleaning can be for an object.

1. A computer keyboard after more than 10 years of not being cleaned

© EthanWS6/Reddit

2. After a thorough power wash, this building is as white as it was in the beginning.

© BolognaTony/Reddit

3. Cleaning your room is the first step to clearing your mind!

© moriartygotswag/Reddit

4. A platinum ring that hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years…

© Soccerpro1177/Reddit

5. A simple toothbrush and some elbow grease, and it’s just like new!

© bus3jae/Reddit

6. Using a high-pressure washer works wonders with stairs.

© LordR**Bottoms/Reddit

7. A biker’s boots are finally getting cleaned.

© Crystalcicle/Reddit

8. Some thrift store items just need a good cleaning.

© T***Russell/Reddit

9. A table that is actually transparent

© JarmaLarma/Reddit

10. Dog owners and how their cars sometimes look

© Tsesi / Reddit

11. The magic of a power washer

© ilikepicklesandyou/Reddit

12. This property just got a makeover!

© rpgmgta/Reddit

13. A stainless steel coffee mug restored to its original state

© fadedpeanut/Reddit

14. A plastic chair that almost got thrown away

© texflor/Reddit

15. The stone wall is presentable again, thanks to a power washer!

© redraider-102/Reddit

16. A griddle – before and after

© Myth1calMonkey/Reddit

17. A driveway after a deep cleaning

© Khellou/Reddit

18. The handles and knobs of a very old chest of drawers

© KombuchaMushroomPeop/Reddit