18 practical inventions that are also cool to look at

For every design fail, there's one that deserves an award. And we just love the following selection!

When we browse stores, we often spend ages trying to find an item that's both innovative and pleasing to the eye. They may be simple day-to-day objects, but consumers will always prefer designs that do their jobs and are also fun or appealing.

Here are 18 photos of designs that deserve to be on all our shopping lists!

1. A fun, practical addition to your kitchen

© MadeByKis / Etsy

2. Every take-out pizza place needs to provide these

© iiTaurusii / Reddit

3. The easiest plug to remove

© basquenv / Imgur

4. We salute you!

© OnderGok / Reddit

5. Cute way to open a bottle of wine

© Therem*iacally / Reddit

6. Because they're so easy to confuse

© pandapig / Imgur

7. Bowl of cereal candles

© River's Cabinet / Etsy

8. At last, we can find the shortcuts

© Mental_Moose6683 / Reddit

9. For anyone who has an indoor cat

© keepitswolsome / Reddit

10. Every kitchen needs a corner drawer

© Jasko1111 / Imgur

11. Remember this movie?

© nurse_ornithology / Reddit

12. Restrooms with chromosome signs

© cowboyatnight / Reddit

13. With an integrated bed for your pet

© Country Creations Pine Furniture / Facebook

14. These butterflies show up when it rains!

© PowerRangeneer / Reddit

15. A must-have for Star Wars fans

© Autumnleaves2021 / Reddit

16. Fancy a chat?

© joetheteacher0208 / Reddit

17. In Denmark, you'll find plant and flower dispensers!

© ego***** / Reddit

18. The bottle "shows" you how much is left

© chris102099 / Reddit