18 reasons why you should never leave your kids up to their own devices!

Kids, don't you just love 'em?  Little bundles of joys, with their cute smiles and sweet ways.  Until that is your child shows his or her demonic side! We leave them alone for a nanosecond only to walk back into a room and find total destruction! We take them out for their favorite meal, only to find a rebellion on our hands or put them down for a nap only to later discover they've raided our make-up drawer...

Here are 18 photos that prove why we should never leave our little ones up to their own devices!

1. A Darth Vader in the making

© TheCraziestCatLadyXX/imgur  

2. Because someone wanted to practice her karate kicks...

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3. It's not only cats that love destroying toilet paper!

© bbean_16/reddit  

4. When your daughter tries her hand at 'contouring'...

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5. We hope she remembered to wash her feet first!

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6. It only took him 10 minutes to do this!

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7. Why waste money on expensive toys when a jar will do?

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8. Like cat, like kid...

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9. The most patient dad in the world!

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10. When your kid decides to remerchandise a clothes store

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11. We wonder if her head spins?

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12. Never give your kid coffee, unless you want a sleepless night

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13. Because dad's pajamas are the best!

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14. "Oh flowers, I love you!"

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15. This is what happens when you force a kid to go to church

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16. "I bet you can't see me!"

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17. When your kid really doesn't like anything on the menu...

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18. "Mom, the dog bit off my legs..."

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