18 situations that we're highly unlikely to encounter, but others did

Whether you're out and about or simply rummaging through your fridge, you never know what surprises you may encounter. But thanks to social networks, people can snap and share the weird things they see during their day.

Maybe you have come across a strange or even inexplicable sight, such as two intertwining trees or the spray from a soda can that has frozen mid-air?

Here are 18 photos of situations that are stranger than strange!

1. The aftermath of an exploding can of Pepsi

© ZappBrannigansLaw / Reddit

2. A treble clef

© FulmarusGlacialis / Reddit

3. His grandma lives in an old house filled with fascinating details

© JustTom1 / Reddit

4. When a baker takes part in a Star Wars contest

© zafferous / Reddit

5. Knotted together forever

© ElectronDegeneracy / Reddit

6. The first time she saw a rainbow and it landed just in front of her!

© Xplo85 / Reddit

7. Really old crayons that color just as well as the day they were bought

© voice_in_the_woods / reddit

8. When two trees share a trunk

© dev464 / Reddit

9. A family tree that dates back to the 17th century

© SaltyAgency / Reddit

10. Winter is coming...

© Corollko / Pikabu

11. Eggs come in all shapes and sizes

© 808Ramil / Pikabu, © 808Ramil / Pikabu

12. A red ivy gradually takes over the trees

© LudochkaBotezat / Pikabu

13. Every single grain popped! How often does that happen?

© EladrielNokk / Reddit

14. A strawberry that still has its flower

© UlysseIthaca / Reddit

15. The smallest bannister in the world

© dannyprovalone / Reddit

16. Giving a thumbs up!

© stormrazor2 / Reddit

17. A month in the sun turned this Coke yellow

© lonelybolongna / Reddit

18. A dissected IKEA table

© Insanim8er / reddit