18 things that only exist between long-standing best friends

Everyone has a best friend

But the strongest are usually friendships that start in our teens, not least because it's the craziest part of growing up.  The result? A BFF and a lot of shared history

Friendships that start in high school tend to last and, even better, we usually know our best friend better than anyone else - their mom and dad included!

Here are 18 things that only exist between you and your childhood pal.

1. You have a collection of cringe-making photos from your youth

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2. You know each other's darkest secrets and that only deepens your bond

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It's one of the reasons why no one can tear your friendship apart 

3. You have your own language and insider jokes that no one else gets

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4. You spend hours reminiscing about your high school years - including your secrets


5. If you forget something important or step out of line, you're in deep trouble


6. You don't have to walk on eggshells and you can say what you think

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You can even tell your BFF they stink without being slugged!

7. You can tease each other mercilessly, but still respect each other's limits

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You can tell them they look like a blob fish when they crawl out of bed without crushing their confidence

8. You usually hate the same people

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9. You're comfy in each other's silence


 Silence is golden between best friends - there's no need to talk as you know what they're thinking! 

10. You share the juiciest details of your sex lives

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You love to relate every little detail!

11. You can get a little jealous when your BFF makes new friends 

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But you get over it: you can understand why they're pals and know that you're still leader of the pack.

12. You're part of their extended family and their parents treat you like one of their own


13. You know how to crack them up!

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14. It doesn't matter if you don't see each other for a long time

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You call, Skype and their Facebook page kinda feels like your own

15. When you hook up, you're over the moon that nothing's changed


16. You're willing to do whatever it takes to help your BFF

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17. You instantly sense if something's wrong and know exactly what to do to put things right

18. You know that your friendship will last until death do you part