19 brilliant birthday ideas

Birthdays should be unforgettable – for the right reason of course!

Whether it's for a friend or family member, some people go that extra mile to make birthdays as memorable as any other special occasion!

Here are 19 photos of brilliant birthday ideas.

1. Her granddaughter wanted to wake up to a room full of balloons

© imagepoem / Reddit  

2. When your husband is a professional cake-maker!

© heyemma7 / Reddit  

3. This lady was a librarian for 50 years and gave Denzel Washington his first library card.  Guess who dropped by to wish her Happy Birthday!

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4. She painted this for her dad, who is a huge Stevie Wonder fan!

© SchrodingersTaint / Reddit   © SchrodingersTaint / Reddit  

5. When you organize your mom's first ever surprise birthday party!

© LaNovia / Reddit  

6. Handmade for her cat-loving daughter - including pictures of her two cats!

© MexicanUnicorn879 / Reddit  

7. She asked for and was given a hen!

© g******raccoons / Reddit  

8. Her sister loves hedgehogs

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9. Her husband built her a blanket fortress!

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10. Her son loves Mario and has no idea there's a Switch in the box!

© ohmygodemos**** / Reddit  

11. The best present she could give her sister

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12. His family made him a boat, out of a book that he wrote about this very same vessel

© entropy413 / Reddit  

13. His dad's favorite saying

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14. Because bunnies love birthdays too

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15. She wanted to dress up as Chewbacca and go to Disneyland for her birthday

© izzysmomrox89 / Reddit  

16. He made this metal rose for his mom

© pandatacocowboy / Reddit  

17. She wanted a dog for years!

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18. His mum crocheted a replica of his favorite soft toy when he was a kid

© mansonfamily / Reddit  

19. A gift from grandma!

© llama1892 / Reddit