19 incredible finds that people snapped and shared

We don't always need to go on treasure hunts to find incredible things, as the following photos prove!

In a box in the attic, as you turn around a corner, who knows when you're going to stumble upon a valuable item. From an old newspaper to a lost ring, here are 19 photos of fascinating unexpected finds!

1. Imagine moving into a new home and finding a secret staircase

© Perspic**m / reddit

2. A guitar from the 30s with details of a European tour

© follysurfer / reddit

3. For people who throw trash out of their car windows

© TheTitaniumWalrus / reddit

4. An early 20th century newspaper with photos of beauty contest finalists

© PachaDub / reddit

5. A collectable Sherlock Holmes 50p coin

© Stuf404 / reddit

6. Van Gogh would have loved this piece of drift wood

© MKUZ21 / reddit

7. Spotted during a walk through a forest

© George-R-R-Fartin / reddit

8. Doodles by her great-grandmother, who lived during the 19th century

© electrolyteb*tch / reddit

9. Spotted while flying over Spain

© PrudentGogurt / reddit

10. When a door handle indicates the entrance to an enchanted kingdom...

© Streettcat / reddit

11. A wooden box filled with National Geographics from the 50s

© ZeeziaLol / reddit

12. Fascinating fossil

© Munnyfunkster / reddit

13. Frozen spider's webs create a natural Halloween decoration

© dan_urbex / reddit

14. When you realize your cat looks just like your grandma's tapestry

© marou239 / reddit

15. An 18th century tankard

© crabnox / reddit

16. When a bus driver has a great sense of humor

© ThankUkarmagain / reddit

17. When they paint over a leaf

© giddygirlygirl / reddit

18. Over 100 years old!

© voice_in_the_woods / reddit

19. Imagine finding this!

© Merman_Mike / reddit