19 inventions that deserve to take over the world

Inventing is not only a passion, but also a real art. You have to come up with the idea and then refine it so it's as simple and efficient as possible. How an invention is presented can make all the difference if you want your product to conquer the market.

While some potentially good inventions fail to capture us, others are so awesome that shelves are stripped the moment they hit the shop floor. So, we have put together a selection of inventions that fully deserve the attention they're getting!

1. This should be the norm!

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2. Simple and efficient

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3. So you and your little one can enjoy it together

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4. A surprise soda dispenser

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5. Fantastic idea

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6. Check your blood pressure at this freeway rest area

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7. How to ensure the perfect slice of toast

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8. Rubber ducks are used to show where puddles have formed

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9. Upcycling at its best!

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10. A scooter for wheelchair users

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11. Never risk dropping your phone down a toilet again

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12. Peddle charge your phone

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13. This makes choosing a library book so much easier!

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14. Another awesome idea!

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15. Because frogs also need a helping hand

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16. Good move!

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17. This deserves a design award

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18. So much easier to use

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19. Cute, practical, effective

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