19 people with a heart of gold

We can all be superheroes in our own way and it doesn't need to involve saving lives or performing a heroic act. Little acts of kindness can change someone's life or help save our planet even if they're done quietly and behind the scenes.

A lot of people are kind souls who don't seek to be under the spotlight when they help others out, although with social networks, we can share snaps of these everyday heroes. Here's an inspiring selection of 19 people with a heart of gold.


1. When the delivery person leaves a treat for your dog

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2. Arnold Schwarzenegger serves meals to the homeless

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3. 3 alley cats that were given a heated blanket

© AwwwwCats / twitter 

4. Saved after being trapped in a spider's web

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5. The groom's sister provided the meal for his wedding reception

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6. This lady settled down another passenger's little boy - who eventually fell asleep!

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7. Patrons who paid for a meal or pet food for those in need

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8. Hand-made by her mother-in-law

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9. Helping a stranger to do up his tie

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10. The day they spotted a lost cat outside their refuge

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11. Making sure someone stays warm in winter

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12. He does this every day so his cat can play with his favorite toy!

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13. Someone put a plastic bag on the saddle because it had started to rain

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14. A thoughtful gesture!

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15. Saved from a certain death

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16. Yes, you can do it!

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17. Snapped by a passing drone!

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18. This is his wife's childhood teddy bear and he takes it with him on every business trip

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19. An awesome eco-warrior!

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