19 people who came up with ways to make their daily lives better

In life, there are those who avoid certain situations. Some people prefer to run away from problems, so they don’t have to face them. And then there are those who choose to use their imaginations to overcome them. They come up with a solution every situation that is presented to them.

Some people even seize the opportunity to create a solution that everyone can use at home. Check out some of the ideas below.

1. Here's one place you can put your phone while it's charging…

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2. When your son knocks a hole in the wall, the best solution is to frame it to make it look like a masterpiece!

© Rwolinski / Reddit  

3. When there’s no door handle...

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4. When you don't have a candle holder, but you have a microphone stand…

© Gordondel / Reddit  

5. Even a Mercedes can come in handy at the table!

© indi_n0rd / Reddit  

6. What do you mean you don't have a flat screen TV yet?

© blueninjaalex / Reddit  

7. This idea is quite clever... It’s one way to get your kid to mow the lawn without realizing it.

© chino27 / Reddit  

8. You had that old sword lying around in the attic, you might as well use it, right?

© CosmicKeys / Reddit  

9. When you have some yellow paint left and you don't know what to do with it…

© Erathresh / Reddit  

10. When a creative kid has an even more creative mom…

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11. We can recognize a true artist by the way they turn an unfortunate thing into a work of art!

© Bresus / Reddit  

12. Will this apple be enough to keep the tent from blowing away?

© Saintish / Reddit  

13. You just need to find big enough bananas…

© ohsureyoudo / Reddit  

14. This is how you fit a car into a van.

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15. Here's one way to clean off your windshield in the winter:

© recoro06 / Reddit  

16. No oven rack? Use hangers!

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17. Do you think we’ll have enough toilet paper for this month?

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18. It’s not dumb if it works!

© tndvdson / Reddit  

19. The broken screen is just an optical illusion…

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