19 people who captured their love forever with a tattoo

Tattoos are forever. This is why some people choose to show their love for someone on their skin.

We all know that tattoos are a kind of lifelong commitment. Some people with eternal love for their parents or partners decided to illustrate this with a tattoo.

Here are 19 photos of tattoos expressing love in the most beautiful way.

1. Her mother had just passed away, so she got a tattoo of her favorite picture of them together.

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2. They got tattoos of their wedding picture.

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3. He got the same tattoo as his late father.

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4. A memory of playing video games with his father, who has passed away

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5. A tattoo of his mother's handwriting

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6. His cat is blind and survived alone on the streets before he adopted her.

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7. “The volcano is for my mom, because we always say ’I lava you.’ And the honeycomb is for my sister’s nickname, Bee.”

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8. Remembering his best friend

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9. He lost his child, but he will never forget him.

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10. A tattoo to honor his very best friend

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11. Mother and daughter got tattoos that go with each other

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12. The cat is not impressed by this tattoo…

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13. “My newest tattoo to honor the nickname my mom gave me – her conch baby.”

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14. Brotherhood

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15. This guy got a tattoo of his dad when he was a young athlete.

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16. A husband and wife got tattoos that complement each other.

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17. He got a tattoo as a reminder of his early years with his wife.

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18. This cat will be remembered forever.

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19. In memory of his father

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