19 people who found something awesome

Sometimes valuable items can be found just by searching the bottoms of drawers.

Every house has a story. Some people find that their homes even contain treasures, antiques, and archaeological objects.

Here are 19 photos of valuable things people found in their houses.

1. A plate from the 80s with a picture of Freddy Mercury

© eaglemaxie / Reddit  

2. One lady found a four-leaf clover and an arrowhead in her yard.

© yeahidontknoweither / Reddit  

3. She wanted to redo the wallpaper in her 100-year old house and discovered even more beautiful Art Nouveau wallpaper underneath.

© Mexicanuck / Reddit  

4. This lady found a note that her kids left her 20 years ago…

© TwinkiWeinerSandwich / Reddit  

5. To apologize for the late delivery, a seller included his favorite candy and tea in the package.

© Shiketeru / Reddit  

6. She found a book so old it had been consumed by termites.

© sonOnTheGo / Reddit  

7. She found her dad's vintage betel nut holder.

© koalakarma8 / Reddit  

8. What a cool DVD holder!

© xxextensioncord69420 / Reddit  

9. This guy got a gold quarter in his change.

© amunsonaudio / Reddit  

10. He found an old jar filled with mercury at his parents’ farm.

© queensalsa_ / Reddit  

11. Someone found a check for $155,000 at the bottom of the ocean in Florida.

© Mycoolpaninibread / Reddit  

12. She bought herself a pair of jeans that compliments her every time she puts them on…

© paradisitempore / Reddit  

13. An inhaler with a counter, so you know how many puffs are left…

© It_snappened_to_me / Reddit  

14. A wooden ball found in Sweden

© emil01009 6 / Reddit  

15. British currency has braille on the edge

© ssjallen / Reddit  

16. This clock only chimes during daylight hours, so as not to wake people up at night!

© blkdev / Reddit  

17. New tenants discover why the bathroom wall was painted…

© braininhawaii / Reddit  

18. A typewriter someone found on the side of the road

© SquatterSatyr77 / Reddit  

19. An old bottle of Elvis shampoo…

© discdraft / Reddit