19 people who had a miserable moment at work

Some days are worse than others and social media means we can snap and share our misery.

Mishaps and bad luck are part and parcel of life, and frustrating days at work are often top of the list. These photos will give you a taster of what 20 people endured during a bad working day.

1. The rest of the carpark was empty

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2. He decided to add oil to his engine just before leaving for work

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3. The office restroom toilet paper

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4. The gift they received after 40 years of loyal service

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5. A tiny glitch, but still... It was his favorite biro!

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6. He decided to work on his birthday and ended up doing a 13-hour shift when co-workers called in sick

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7. And their day has only just begun

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8. When the cash register has a hissy fit

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9. She spilt bleach on her favorite jeans

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10. Why does this always happen?

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11. She left for work and then saw her car

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12. When a shoplifter escapes and you're the one who has to put all this back on the shelves

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13. When someone destroys a cactus that's over 100 years old

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14. They reversed over their lunch

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15. The day they wore a new pair of shoes

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16. Next time ask someone else to cut the office pie

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17. A customer thought this was a real apple

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18. Oh boy...

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19. The refrigerators broke down

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