19 people who had a moment of madness

Has anyone ever told you that you're crazy? The answer is probably "yes", as we all have a kooky side that occassionally surfaces! Whatever the case, there are times when we do things differently, whether it's a one-off event or because we are naturally eccentric.

We push the boundaries, but take responsibilty for our actions - actions that can be hilarious at times! From making others cringe to bursting into fits of laughter, here are 19 people who immortalized their moment of madness!

1. Trying to convince their boss they're in hospital...

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2. Alternative headphones

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3. This looks so painful

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4. Carrying the dog and walking the child

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5. It's been a long week

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6. When your cat loves pasta

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7. Relax and unwind with a good book

8. "Is that a gun in your pocket?"

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9. Those eyebrows need taming

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10. Why bother with weights when you have kids?

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11. Some people have no shame

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12. Each to his own...

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13. A seriously dangerous birthday party

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14. A relaxing pink coffin

15. Why panic when you can soak up some sun?

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16. Teletubbies to the rescue!

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17. Hilarious way to annoy other passengers

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18. Alternative cosplay

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19. You can't get more metal than this!

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