19 people who posted 'make you happy' photos on a well-known social news site

We're constantly being bombarded by bad news... Wars, terrorism, drugs, natural disasters, mass-shootings and other depressing stories litter the media, so it was about time that someone took things in hand and came up with a cool 'make us happy' idea!

A Reddit user who was as fed as the rest of us about the depressing side of life asked the community to post a story or photo that made them happy! The list rapidly grew, proving that we all enjoy a little sunshine in our often dreary lives!

Here's a selection of 20 'happy' photos and facts that Reddit users posted and they're guaranteed to make you smile! What about you?  Which one's your favorite and do you have any feel-good snaps that you'd like to share?  Share your comments and photos below! 

1. Cuteness overload! When otters sleep, they hold hands so that they don't drift apart.

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

2. Just think about it... There was a time, even if it only lasted a millisecond that we were all the youngest person on Earth!

Photo credit: Gonzalo Merat

3. Because we're all made of star dust!

Photo credit: Michael Shainblum

4. Yes, even cows can have BFFs

Photo credit: mare

5. A Washington state prison has introduced a 'cat therapy' scheme that lets some inmates have cats in their cells. The cats are old or sick, but it allows both pet and felon to give and receive a little care!

Meet Princess Natalie, seen here enjoying a tickle! (Image credit: catster.com)

6. Blind people smile, even if they've never seen someone doing so!

Photo credit: Sachiho

7. Tortoises can breathe through their buttocks!

Photo credit: TaraDSturm

8. The word 'Love' appeared 613 times in Beatles' songs! 

Photo credit: inspirationaldaily.wordpress.com

9. It's thanks to squirrels that lots of new trees sprout. How?  Because they can forget where they buried their nuts that in turn germinate and give birth to new trees!

Photo credit: Irene Mei

10. In Japan you can see monkeys using coins to buy snacks from food dispensers! 

Photo credit: o2worldnews.com

11. A classic BBC April Fool's joke from 1957, where the channel aired a spoof report claiming that spaghetti comes from trees that grow on a Swiss farm.  A lot of viewers believed the story and asked the British channel how they could grow their own.  The Beeb's reply? "Put some spaghetti in a bowl of tomato sauce and then wait..."!

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker

12. A military parade in Norway where a penguin decided to inspect the troops!

Photo credit: thatpanic.com

13. In China, if you kill a panda you could be sentenced to death!

Photo credit: Cute Baby Animals

14. The voices behind Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married in real life

Photo credit: zimbio.com

15. Something to reassure arachnophobes!

16. Sweden holds rabbit obstacle competitions - they're called Kaninhoppning's!

Photo credit: thowra

17. Male penguins offer pebbles to potential mates as part of their seduction routine!

Photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

18. Dolphins give each other names!

Photo credit: Vitaliy Sokol

19. Kissing burns 2 calories per minute. Getting naked burns 8!

Photo credit: Jeremiah Kuehne