19 photos that boggle the mind

Some photos are so confusing that they mess with our minds – such as the mind-boggling ones you’ll see below.

Seeing a photo that features a dog with a strange head or an egg laid without a shell isn’t a common sight, nor is it easy to understand. Other images aren’t quite as bizarre, but they still make you stop and think.

Here are 19 photos that won't soon be forgotten.

1. A dog with a detached head?

© DizzleSenpai / Imgur.com

2. The amazing levitating Pepsi bottle…

© zainulator66 / Reddit

3. Doing the dishes when you’re not quite all there…

© humming-rock / Reddit

4. A perfect rainbow across the kitchen floor

© memecomperator / Reddit

5. The largest public bench in Germany

© hobbyhoarder / Reddit

6. Looks that kill

© StepUpYourLife / Reddit

7. This guy looked like a character from “Stranger Things” decades before it even existed.

© fretpound / Reddit

8. A hen laid this egg without a shell.

© Tgottie5 / Reddit

9. The printer jammed, and he ended up with some abstract art!

© whatislife4 / Reddit

10. A slice of cheese with a face

© SnixPlaysAlot / Reddit

11. A pumpkin that also has a face

© Blackcat_54 / Reddit

12. An optical illusion makes dots appear between the keys!

© Patodelmonte / Reddit

13. This is made from wood…

© Ferg_74_ / Reddit

14. A skull peacefully nestled in the corner of a building

© Tvix / Reddit

15. The floral pattern that formed in the freezer…

© Spycei / Reddit

16. Without talking about it beforehand, two passengers who didn’t know each other started the same movie at exactly the same time.

© midromney / Reddit

17. The way light is diffracted through these glasses makes little rainbows.

© Rocky_W**** / Reddit

18. This pear cut in half looks like the face of an owl.

© ninopalino / Reddit

19. Street art so realistic that it looks like a giant chicken is taking over the town…

© lewishoodmusic / Reddit