19 photos of cats that prove they make their own rules

As any cat-owner will tell you, our feline friends really don't care about house rules. And creating chaos at 3am is one of their greatest talents...

Cats are whimsical creatures that do whatever they want. From pushing your favourite mug off the table to defying the laws of gravity, pet cats will happily go about their day without a care in the world. But we still love them all the same!

Here are 19 photos of cats living life on their own terms.

1. When your owner buys you lovely dog bed and this happens

© kopanisti / Reddit

2. A warning to anyone who leaves hand-made paper to dry on their kitchen counter

© flippiebippie / Reddit

3. Lending a helping hand (or paw?)

© djstickylee / Reddit

4. The day they moved the couch

© beatissima / Reddit

5. What is it with cats and computers?

© NextComplexTopo / Reddit

6. This kitty managed to move the laundry basket (its favorite bed) so it was by the scratching post

© HandOfGlory211 / Reddit

7. Anyone who walks by risks being "attacked"

© Zarkhator / Reddit

8. Towels were designed to be beds

© CSI_am_Sam / Reddit

9. When your cat discovers it's a flat screen

© B1uepunk / Reddit

10. Living in peace and harmony

© Sportynose / Reddit

11. His cat sits like this for ages

© doittodem / Reddit

12. Cats + boxes (of any type) = heaven

© yoondzidzi / Reddit

13. Any part of the house will do

© Chrysanthemum419 / Reddit

14. Convinced there's a mouse somewhere...

© neko_ramen / Reddit

15. Yep, they love books too!

© Repulsive-Worth5715 / Reddit

16. Following its natural instinct and hunting for food

© Mermap / Reddit

17. Never leave tasty food unattended in the kitchen

© urban_shoe_myth / Reddit

18. There's always one...

© superbialm / Reddit

19. Because it's actually a hammock

© hamsandwichman9 / Reddit