19 photos of dogs trying and failing to hide

Dogs, like many animals, believe that if they can't see you, you can't see them, so much so that when they decide to hide, they often do so in the funniest of ways.

Dogs are wonderful companions. They are extremely loyal but also get up to plenty of mischief. And when they've been naughty, they know it's time to hide! However their definition of a good hiding place invariably leads to a hilarious outcome.

To prove the point, here are 19 photos of dogs who think they're well out of sight.

1. Yes this German Shepherd chose toilet paper as his hiding place

2. At least this Husky opted for a curtain

3. Anyone seen the Corgi?

4. Clever idea it wasn't for the nose...

5. If your dog is small enough to fit in a drawer

6. Blending into the sofa

7. A very tight squeeze

8. Because hiding Huskies prefer cold climates?

9. He doesn't look too comfy in there!

10. Nice try!

11. Hilarious! 

12. If only there was more space under the bed

13. Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best tactic

14. When both of your dogs have been up to no good!

15. No need to hide when you can just blend into a rug

16. Hiding under his favorite toy

17. In the dryer...

18. The ultimate hiding place

19. "They'll never find me..."