19 photos of foods that look like they're from a mutant species

Obviously we need to eat in order to survive, but how would you feel if one of these landed on your plate?  Nutritionally there may be nothing wrong, but how our food looks makes the difference between mouthwatering and barf-inducing!

Here are 19 photos of foods that look like they're from a mutant species

1. A germinating tomato, but what came first - the fruit or the germ?

2. A banana that's refusing to curve

3. A lemon that grew into an oblong shape

4. Did you know that strawberries are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside of their skin?  This is what happens when they germinate!

5. This has to be the longest French fry in the world

6. When your apple starts to germinate before you've even cut it open

7. A perfectly de-skinned watermelon

8. When peeled grapes look like fish eggs!

9. An Oreo fail

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10. An avocado stone that's started to germinate

11. A peach that's been peeled without leaving a single mark

12. When a mother grapefruit goes into labor

13. Ever seen a fully peeled fresh tomato?

14. An unappetizing turkey leg-shaped cake!

15. No, how could they?

16. Ever wondered what a germinating mango looks like?

17. When the bread cutter messes up

18. Fancy tucking into a shriveled hot dog?

19. For anyone who has a dirty mind...