19 photos of hopeless romantics

We all look for those sweet moments that make us feel good and love life. A life that gives us magical occasions surrounded by the people we love, our family and friends, or even just when we hear some good news.

The greatest gifts in life aren’t things that can be bought. They are things done with a simple gesture, some nice words, or even a look. Check out some pretty romantic gestures below!

1. This guy gave his shoes to his girlfriend, because her own shoes hurt her feet.

© Gale Skyborg / twitter.com  

2. “Her ex-boyfriend stole her PS4, so I bought her a new one.”

© cinnamonbaconbits / reddit.com  

3. “My husband always used to get colored pencils for Christmas. He started to hate them, because he’s color blind. So this Christmas, I got him something he’s wanted forever…and check out how I wrapped it!”

© jabberingginger / reddit.com  

4. Look what my boyfriend made for me!”

© canipetyourdog21 / reddit.com  

5. “My girlfriend showed up to my birthday party dressed as me!”

© mattbozle / reddit.com  

6. A 92-year old man making a card for his 93-year old wife!

© badgalronnie / pinterest.com  

7. “My boyfriend and I met at a dog park, so these two are also having a 2-year anniversary!”

© keatno_pizza / reddit.com  

8. This woman got a special gift... Her husband dedicated a bench at the park where they always walk together!

© AnnaWiese1 / twitter.com  

9. “My wife drank a little too much tonight, so I made her a comfortable spot in the bathroom, complete with hair ties, water, and socks.”

© pgledger / reddit.com  

10. This guy is feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done!

© leaadame / twitter.com  

11. “I didn't have a picture of my girl for my locket, so I just drew one!”

© lexieatsass / twitter.com  

12. When a declaration of love is transcribed into sound waves…

© sederapelocin / reddit.com  

13. “A picture I made for my girlfriend... It’s made up of tons of tiny pictures from our first year together.”

© Osamakii / twitter.com 

14. The most beautiful flower arrangement in the world!

© marlene1205 / twitter.com  

15. “My girlfriend always falls asleep during movies, tonight she tried to trick me.”

© dirtdee / reddit.com  

16. A marriage proposal on the roof of a building in New York!

© HalcyonHysteria / reddit.com  

17. “I bought and installed a new PC for my boyfriend today!”

© thugxwaifu / reddit.com  

18. This is the most beautiful marriage proposal I’ve ever seen!

© RetrieverPics / twitter.com  

19. What do you think she’s thinking right now?

© Flantasma1 / twitter.com