19 photos of houses that aren't for everyone

Not all houses are easy to live in. Some require nerves of steel, like the ones in these photos.

A house is essentially a shelter, as well as a place where one would like to feel safe and at ease. However, some people live in places that would scare most others away. Indeed, a difficult neighborhood and rough weather are some things that require residents who don’t give up easily.

Here are 19 photos of houses that require a special kind of resident.

1. This place was described as “cat friendly.”

© David De Beer / Facebook

2. When you share a duplex and don’t care much for your neighbor…

© breakerbreaker992 / Reddit

3. Obviously, it was a rough night with the weather.

© I_AM_MEAT15 / Reddit

4. The neighbor decided to hang something up on his side of the wall.

© ahab1313 / Reddit

5. “At the same time every morning, when the sun is at a certain angle, the shadow of the neighbor’s chimney turns into window man, and it scares me every time.”.

© audiocranium / Reddit

6. An odd visitor decided to redecorate the balcony…

© fredandlunchbox / Reddit

7. “A dead tree that wasn’t on my property snapped in half and fell on my house today. How was your day?”

© LastCaptiveMetroid / Reddit

8. It’s not a good idea to live next to a golfer.

© beerisgood93 / Reddit

9. "The neighbors are partiers, and this is how my trampoline ended up this morning.”

© HalfWaySlick / Reddit

10. The temperature is below zero and here’s what happened at the car wash.

© absterooni / Reddit

11. He chose this apartment for the view, which is slowly disappearing day by day.

© scarydan365 / Reddit

12. He didn’t ask for this grate to be located on his property, yet he gets charged an extra $22 a month for it being there.

© Jhenning04 / Reddit

13. “My neighbor is channeling water from his yard and roof under my fence, causing my yard to flood.”

© knock_blocks / Reddit

14. A surprise guest in the toilet…

© TheEerieZeroQueen / Reddit

15. Work will have to wait.

© FatDabsIs*** / Reddit

16. The car hasn’t disappeared yet, but they won’t be able to use it anytime soon.

© BlackScienceMan2 / Reddit

17. “We weren’t at home and when we came back, we saw a surprise: 4 holes in the living room through which you can see the neighbors’ place.”

© Kirya13 / Pikabu

18. The cold here is real!

© ThomasBlackGG / Twitter

19. “My neighbors cleared their roofs and shared the snow with me in my yard.”

© Masterwizard / Pikabu