19 photos of ideas that had disastrous results

Some ideas turn out to be a total disaster, completely lacking any logic. These photos offer some examples.

We can’t always expect good ideas. Many people can attest to the lack of good ideas in different situations. But then we have to wonder how people could have come up with such bad ideas.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate some of the worst ideas out there.

1. There’s no way to turn off this fan!

© Iridalken65/Reddit

2. This door will never be opened.

© Sarkasmus-detektor/Reddit

3. Both a lion and a bear, this creature doesn’t exactly paint the picture of courage and strength.

© Catsarethebest1123/Reddit

4. His friends all thought he got splashed, but it’s actually the hoodie’s design.

© sirSosig/Reddit

5. A new public bench right above a sprinkler

© XmeDavid/Reddit

6. They decided to put this mirrored wall in the men's bathroom?

© okexox/Reddit

7. It’s a good thing they put measurement lines on this opaque water bottle…

© sashley520/Reddit

8. This poor baby has to suffer because of someone else’s design flaw.

© ninimalini/Reddit

9. One shelf blocking another

© xopox9000/Reddit

10. Two doorknobs, and neither one can be used.

© chrislayhe/Reddit

11. There’s an access button to open the door, but no way for a person in a wheelchair to reach it.

© crimxie/Reddit

12. They should have thought about how this would look before putting it on the van…

© Mixaling/Reddit

13. A toilet built into the wall and at an angle

© dbqbbq/Reddit

14. This hotel has a door at the top of the stairs.

© AlephMartian/Reddit

15. This door won’t open all the way because of the toilet.

© Brup_Brup/Reddit

16. This mask looked good in the package...

© FarisFrontiers/Reddit

17. Origami paper folded to fit in the box…

© thigh_gap/Reddit

18. They couldn’t decide on just one window design.

© ----0000000-------/Reddit

19. This was supposed to be a costume from the movie The Shape of Water.

© too-tsunami/Reddit