19 photos that illustrate the joys of being a parent

Are you planning on having kids? Or maybe you can't imagine yourself running around after a terrible toddler? Whatever your views, starting a family is a big decision.

Kids may be hard work, but they are also bundles of joy and you'll never go a day without them putting a smile on your face! In short, they'll be that little ray of permanent sunshine in your daily life. Here's a selection of adorable photos that illustrate the positive side of parenthood.

1. When your daughter chooses the cat as her muse

© anxwz / Twitter  

2. A Barbie workout

© acidcow.com  

3. Because he wants to become a zookeeper

© jackyjohnson76 / Imgur  

4. Convinced that no one can see him

© GarbageDumpOfAssholz / Reddit  

5. A future body art fan?

© _aleksashka._ / Instagram  

6. She drew a pillow on the sidewalk so she could take a nap

© Gridim / Pikabu  

7. A funeral for her Tamagotchi who sadly passed away that day

© d00110111010 / Reddit  

8. Kids and sleeping positions...

© AirmanAJK / Reddit  

9. Insisting that this is how chairs should be used

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10. Their child morphed into a bear and raided the fridge

© _hayleymwright / Twitter  

11. Her birthday wish? To have candles on every dish that day!

© Johnnyoneshot / Reddit  

12. Impressive balance

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13. He loves Christmas so much he gave the tree a hug

© gulkashpulka / Instagram  

14. Enjoying a quiet meal with the cat

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15. And he did this all by himself

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16. Excellent hiding place...

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17. Because toy cars also need a car wash

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18. Kids and their boundless imagination!

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19. Safe behind the window

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