19 photos of joyful situations

Sometimes the simplest things in life can make our day, and we totally get why the following selection made someone happy!

From optical illusions to watching our pets, it's often those little things that put a smile on our face and leave us in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Here are 19 joyful photos guaranteed to cheer us up!

1. An escalator that leads to a vortex

© Larssmaller/Reddit

2. When you catch a bubble with your hands

© TacticalSlav/Reddit

3. A rainbow circles the sun

© Im_Just_Too_Nice/Reddit

4. A transparent leaf

© Noch1234/Reddit

5. A single rose grew through a hole in the fence

© QatBranchman/Reddit

6. A truck transporting identical cars

© JAdamsidk123/Reddit

7. Great sense of humor!

© SadGold637/Reddit

8. They forgot this cabbage was lurking at the back of the fridge

© yepjeeway/Reddit

9. When sunlight makes patterns

© AuroraMeridian/Reddit

10. Don't worry, it's a mannequin!

© Ov3rtlySubbie/Reddit

11. Chandelier ice 

© IKeepOnPlaying2/Reddit

12. When a tree's shadow produces a bird

© babylove117/Reddit

13. This happens at the same time every day

© danementzer/Reddit

14. When your plant gives you a thumbs-up

© Toelva/Reddit

15. Hilarious "friendly fighting"

© Heavy-Discipline8023/Reddit

16. A loving blueberry

© meadilicious/Reddit

17. A painful blister turns into a heart

© Shard5/Reddit

18. Born with a bird on its chest

© SaltMeat709/Reddit

19. It was "bring your pet to work" day!

© halleberryhaircut/Reddit