19 photos of masterpieces in the most unexpected places

Some works of art happen by accident and can be found where you least expect them, as you’ll see in the photos below.

When we least expect it, we might be the happy witness to a masterpiece that happened by accident. Whether it’s created by nature, wear-and-tear, or just by accident, beauty can be found around every corner. You just need a good eye and the ability to know how to spot it.

Here are 19 photos of unexpected works of art.

1. Frozen waves on Lake Erie

© tonsofun44 / reddit

2. The seams of some torn pants

© katscrafts / reddit

3. The tree’s shadow created some artwork on the wall.

© C-3POhh / reddit

4. Inside a Fazioli piano

© CharlesBrooks / reddit

5. Bubbles formed in absolute harmony

© _I_dont_know_that_ / reddit

6. A sticker that has deteriorated after extended time in the sun.

© BreadKnife34 / reddit

7. The wooden door of a surgeon's office

© aoravetz / reddit

8. This nursing home dyes the water so that it forms a sculpture when it freezes.

© pawkair / reddit

9. This squash looks like it has digital camouflage.

© Digitalanthill / reddit

10. A drop of medicine that fell to the bottom of an aquarium

© PokeExpress / reddit

11. Saltwater coral

© SomeGuyWhoSaid / reddit

12. A sculpture that looks like a doctor’s signature

© phelyan / reddit

13. Water freezing on the shore of a lake

© bloodless123 / reddit

14. The way the snow settled on this path

© imapieceofcr*** / reddit

15. The rust that has formed on this old box has charm.

© allhailknightsolaire / reddit

16. The expanding foam found a way out of the bottle…

© IsTim / reddit

17. The way this ice formed looks like cotton candy.

© PrincessLex92 / reddit

18. Bismuth crystals formed on a frying pan

© QuarterlyTurtle / reddit

19. The combined shadows of these two stair railings are very beautiful.

© Bananab***5 / reddit