19 photos of people who are really unlucky

Bad luck seems to follow some people wherever they go. The people here would probably agree.

Sometimes fate seems to have it out for us. Whatever we do, nothing helps. Luck refuses to smile down on us. Fortunately, things always have a way of turning around.

Here are 19 photos of people who happened to be really unlucky.

1. Was the tree too strong or the saw blade not strong enough?

© unknown/imgur  

2. When the weather doesn’t want you to play basketball today…

© ididntmeanto_/reddit  

3. Whoever packaged these treats must’ve decided to try one out.

© scarsandstories/reddit  

4. That’s ironic…

© Xtratimesoccer/reddit  

5. At least it will be a low-calorie piece of toast.

© unknown/imgur  

6. By “blueberry waffle,” we mean there is a blueberry in the waffle.

© unknown/imgur  

7. How infuriating, after days of hard work, to find this…

© deemen/reddit  

8. When half the egg comes off with the shell…

© RedBeardMark/reddit  

9. Why does this happen every time?

© EnterGreenGoose/reddit  

10. There’s always some chocolate that stays on the paper.

© Sphax137/reddit  

11. We don’t envy the employees of this shoe store…

© _Lady_Deadpool_/reddit  

12. How in the world did this happen? He just took them out of the bag, and this happened...

© Flynnerrol/reddit  

13. This was supposed to be a variety pack, but all the bottles are the same.

© Geid98/reddit  

14. It’s really hard to understand how this happened.

© misterkrazee/imgur  

15. For a Valentine's Day gift, you could say this was a fail.

© itswac/reddit  

16. When all the donut’s icing sticks to the bag…

© Vonberns/reddit  

17. This is enough to make your head hurt.

© pkgamma/reddit  

18. “I followed the directions, obviously, but something went wrong.”

© Enlasy/reddit  

19. He bought a package filled with air and only 1% beef jerky.

© SuperReeseP_Soog/reddit