19 photos that prove kids' imaginations know no bounds

Children have a creativity that borders on genius, as this selection shows!

When we're young, our minds are open, and we don't follow stereotypes. We act freely, and with that comes creativity.

Here are 20 hilarious photos of kids showing off their imaginative prowess!

1. Improvised train and track

© bowb4zod / Reddit

2. Because it's comfier than her bed

© buddhaon***d / Reddit

3. Her boy interrupted her to say that there was running water in the bathroom

© Mahhhbster27 / Reddit

4. When siblings fight

© cravenight / Reddit

5. Kids and cars...

© Carbonfrk / Reddit, © Carbonfrk / Reddit

6. He offered to decorate his grandma's bathroom

© candiedloveapple / Reddit

7. They wanted to try all the cereals at once

© EighmeeIrene / Reddit

8. She borrowed her toys' eyes

© DylannnnnJ / Reddit

9. Because he wanted wireless ear pods

© the_color_9 / Reddit

10. The art of hide 'n seek

© cewallace9 / Reddit

11. His daughter takes this photo with her every time they go on vacation

© Ooc90 / Reddit

12. Guess which one's the kid's chair

© whos_your_buddah / Reddit

13. They preferred to sleep like this

© RileyRhoad / Reddit

14. Upset that there aren't puddles to jump in

© nykorak / Reddit

15. And this kid thought their candy would still be edible

© Amockeryofthecistern / Reddit

16. Their kids decided they'd get bigger slices if they cut the pizza this way

© SherrieBrandon / Reddit

17. She asked her son to make sure the paint was ok, so he checked with his foot...

© sarahkbabi / Reddit

18. She was allowed to choose a toy, so she chose a mango

© invaderluj / Reddit

19. He asked for an ice cream so he could cool down

© PotentialApathy / Reddit