19 photos shared on social media that will spark your curiosity

If you happen upon a strange sight, don't forget to whip out your smartphone and take a snap that you can share on online! Here's a selection of some of the more mesmerizing ones...

All kinds of weird stuff can happen as we go about our day. Flowers that freeze after a snow storm, or a lightning bolt that reminds of Thor in a rage. Just two examples of photos shared on social media.

Here are 19 awesome sights guaranteed to spark your curiosity.

1. When someone wraps food in a (carefully-placed!) newspaper

© as0nsg / reddit

2. Frozen roses look like toffee apples!

© BongerB / reddit

3. Dirt that formed a mountain range

© BringDat_Camelbak / reddit

4. The color of freshly-picked beans

© IramDei / reddit

5. Ideal for anyone who loves fresh eggs

© YushkaBear / reddit

6. From cocoon to butterfly in less than a week

© Bomba268 / reddit

7. Refracting light!

© Krampfanfall / reddit

8. When a factory runs out of color print cartridges

© olimar7373 / reddit

9. An icy wind catcher

© mycatsnameislarry / reddit

10. When your KitKat is missing the wafer filling

© Swetalian / reddit

11. Red cabbage makes a great natural blue dye!

© plastic_filet / reddit

12. Trying to find pollen?

© TheRoman5000 / reddit

13. It must have taken years to do this!

© Shiftmon / reddit

14. They don't touch the floor so that it can be easily cleaned

© SockPants / reddit

15. Dried peas are square-shaped

© FoggingTheView / reddit

16. Another gorgeous frozen rose

© TabaxiTaxi73 / reddit

17. Who annoyed Thor?

© migueandz / reddit

18. Petals that twist the longer they get

© mobpsycho200 / reddit

19. A skink having a nice warm nap

© sheisaeval / reddit