19 photos showing the drama of everyday life

Some pictures have a lot more drama than a whole movie. You’ll see some examples in the photos below.

Drama doesn’t have to be sensational. Sometimes it’s a minor thing, but it can still be quite annoying.

To get a better handle on our own drama, sometimes it’s helpful to see what other people are going through.

Here are 20 photos of people who handled their drama with a sense of humor.

1. He got "I don't know" tattooed in Chinese to confuse all the people who ask him what it says.

© ThreeSDCards / reddit

2. A long flight and a loose foot make for an uncomfortable ride.

© mr_hargao / reddit

3. This cat is on a strict “no treat” diet.

© kmentothat / reddit

4. Who would steal the wheels off this truck? The kid will be doing a thorough investigation.

© achev / reddit

5. A “Not Engaged” announcement for everyone who keeps asking

© RSParker / reddit

6. On April Fool's Day, she told her husband she was pregnant right after they just had a baby. He’s taking it well.

© LKT991 / reddit

7. A note to the teacher from a parent…

© capta1n_sarcasm / reddit

8. The label says “seedless grapes,” but all the grapes have seeds!

© reluctantrolemodel / reddit

9. There goes the new bed. Guess who's responsible...

© aprlrobertaludgte / reddit

10. Her boyfriend thought it was a good idea to give her a rock from the backyard for Christmas.

© WmXVI / reddit

11. This door hasn’t made the transition yet…

© MoistFooting / reddit

12. A driver's license that expired immediately

© **KhaosReigns** / reddit

13. A real drama for any pizza purist

© saltybz / reddit

14. The popcorn got stuck, so he tried buying the bag of chips above to knock it loose.

© L1011TriStar / reddit

15. A king size bed and she only leaves this much space…

© BrokeMilitary / reddit

16. He finally made the perfect lattice – and then and knocked his cactus over on top of it.

© fabuji / reddit

17. So much for the shepherd’s pie. They shared a pizza - and some tears - instead.

© MrsM***4** / imgur

18. He spilled the sugar and decided to offer an apology instead of cleaning it up.

© C***testdummy96 / reddit

19. Two weeks after her baby sister was born, she realized her parents were going to keep it.

© colleenxbean / reddit