19 tattoos that are a testament to undying love

Why do people get tattoos? Why would someone subject themselves to a few uncomfortable minutes just to have a drawing on their own skin? Everyone has their reasons, and they’re all different. They can keep this mystery to themselves, or they can shout it from every rooftop.

In some cases, people get tattoos to show their love for someone. They can be a tribute to a person, an object, or an animal. It allows you to capture the moment forever and remember it years later. See some examples of forever love below!

1. “A tattoo in tribute to my best friend who passed away.”

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2. “My dad’s last 3 heartbeats…”

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3. “This tattoo represents the beauty of life and the afterlife.”

4. A tattoo showing a dad’s love for his son!

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5. When the unexpected happens…

6. These 2 birds represent her father and grandmother who passed away.

7. A sound wave of his grandmother's laugh

8. A heartbreaking tribute

9. His little Corbi will be close to his heart forever.

10. Two sisters together forever!

11. She wanted to get a tattoo of her son's drawing…

12. The birth of her child, the happiest day of her life

13. To remember his dog, who left too soon!

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14. This lady tattooed her son's handwriting on her arm after he passed away.

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15. Something to remember his dad by…

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16. We are all “enough.”

17. “My mom's favorite saying.”

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18. Her left lung collapsed, so she got this tattoo over her right one, because it’s what keeps her going!

19. It’s important to never forget this…