19 times someone's luck ran out

Life is full of glitches - and humans aren't the only ones to have bad days...

They may not be life-threatening, but boy are these mishaps annoying, and the internet is just one place where we can share our misery. Like the guy who discovered his joysticks had melted in the oven.

Here are 19 photos that illustrate the more frustrating moments in life.

1. His son didn't want to stop playing and go to bed, so he confiscated the joysticks and hid them in the oven... He forgot to tell his wife, who innocently lit it the next day.

© hi_robb / Twitter

2. When you love chess and get this for your birthday

© Ukshuinik / Pikabu

3. So, who gets the pepperoni?

© OriginalDurpster / Reddit

4. He'd only just installed his new monitor when disaster struck

© Shanghai_Pete / Reddit

5. When a giant watermelon breaks the checkout's weighing machine

© Beard_sniffer / Reddit

6. Guess this gas station usually has tiny patrons

© huckamole / Reddit

7. Disrespectful cat!

© Niyi_M / Reddit

8. Never leave paint in a hot car!

© homerchick / Pikabu

9. Never balance paint trays on a ladder

© tiger_qween / Pikabu

10. They only had one job...

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu

11. When your dog finds your wallet

© Mainix / Reddit

12. The joys of school canteens

© speedcuber111 / Reddit

13. A chipless chocolate chip cookie

© yeetusthyfoetus123 / Reddit

14. Yup, animals have bad days too!

© sadsheep61 / Reddit

15. The previous owners took the toilet with them!

© stylishjoker1439 / Reddit

16. They accidentally used the wrong one!

© gar_el / Reddit

17. So much for a big harvest

© DrChurch2018 / Reddit

18. Enough to make you cry

© DrunkAzSkunk / Imgur

19. Yes, walking on LEGO pieces can land you in ER!

© onherecauseimbored / Reddit